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Status Control Panel
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2000

The status control panel is the hub of the agent console. It is the place where incoming transactions are offered to the agent, provides key statistics and information about each state, and gives the agent control over his/her status; knowing that his/her supervisor has both real-time monitoring and statistical reporting facilities showing how long the agent spends in each state.

Status Control Panel Mockups
Bill designed the logical architecture of the status control panel, but not the final visual design, so the following illustrations are mockups taken from the user interface specification document.

This first example shows how an agent whose status is "waiting for a transaction" would be offered an incoming call. In this case it shows that another agent (George Washington) has a customer (Fred Simmons) on the line and needs help with the transaction.


This second example is for an agent who has finished interacting with a customer and is doing some follow-up work. When done the agent can choose the next appropriate state.


State Transition Diagram
Of course there are more states than the two examples shown above, and Bill's state transaction diagram rigorously defines each state and the transitions between them.




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