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Knowledgebase Module
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2001

All day long customers call in with questions and support agents scramble to find answers. Wouldn't it be nice if, once an agent has found the answer to a question he or she could share it with all the other agents. This is where a callcenter knowledgebase comes in. The company can have its experts seed the knoweldgebase with canned answers to common questions, and agents can augment it with their own solutions to customer problems.

Bill developed a number of knowledgebase concepts for the White Pajama callcenter system; from multi-lingual, multi-product line knowledge repositories to very simple question and answer databases.

A Sample Schematic Layout

Here is a schematic layout from one of the medium-capability design concepts. The first tab offers a list of suggested questions and answers depending on the contect of the current case, the second tab lets the agent browse the knowledgebase by category and topic, the third tab lets the agent define a search query, and the fourth tab lists the search results and lets the agent get details for each hit.



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