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Hailstorm 2.1, Website Testing Module
Cenzic, Inc. -- 2002

This is a good example of an effective tactical engagement.

Cenzic, a startup company, had a shipping network security product that enabled customers to probe their own networks and test for security vulnerabilities. They came to Bill with three problems:

  1. Their highly technical user interface was difficult to understand,
  2. They had an opportunity to include one major new feature in their next release but couldn't decide what was most likely to increase sales, and
  3. they had a very limited budget for Bill's services.

In a whirlwind, four day client site visit, Bill:

  • came up to speed on their technology,
  • made an initial analysis of their UI architecture,
  • interviewed the engineering, marketing and executive principals of the company,
  • facilitiated a meeting of the principals and helped them decide what to put in the next release,
  • designed minor but useful modifications of their base user interface to quickly improve usability,
  • designed the feature set and UI, and wrote a formal specification for, a website testing moduie; which was the major new feature the principals agreed upon.

Here are some sample pages from the User Interface Specification Bill wrote for the website testing module. (Note that the screen layouts are all in schematic form: they show where UI objects are placed and how they relate to each other, not their final visual appearances).



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