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Rapid Application Development Systems

From hypermedia software authoring for non-programmers, to object-oriented development tools for professional software engineers, to web application construction "kits", Bill has designed a wide variety products aimed at making software development fast and accurate.

HyperCard 1.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1987
In working on the design of this groundbreaking hypermedia authoring environment Bill grappled with many of the core issues facing world wide web designers today.

HyperCard 2.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1989
Bill was granted a utility patent for the window scroller he co-invented for this version of HyperCard.

Open R.O.A.D. 3.0
Ingres, Inc. -- 1993 to 1994
Bill extensively revamped the user interface for this family of Rapid Application Development (RAD) products.

QuickBuilder 2.x to 3.x
Documentum, Inc. -- 1995 to 1996
Bill "wrote the book" on this graphical interface builder.

SmartSpace and ViewSpace Intranet 2.0
Documentum, Inc. -- 1998
Bill designed 300 web page fragments and a dynamic page-assembly engine for creating custom, web-based, document management applications.



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