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Multimedia and Graphics Applications

QuickTime 1.0 for Macintosh
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1991
Bill was on the User Interface team for this seminal product that brought "dynamic media" to the masses and contributed to some of the fundamental user interface paradigms for digital video and sound.

QuickTime 1.0 for Windows
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1992
Bill did the user interface design for this port of QuickTime technology to the Windows operating system. This may well be Apple's first Windows software.

Image Viewer 1.0
Documentum, Inc. -- 1995
An application for accessing, viewing and annotating TIFF, CALS and other images pulled out of a Documentum Enterprise Docbase.

AppleScan 1.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1987
Bill contributed to the design of the software for Apple's first flatbed scanner.

AppleScan 2.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1989
Bill was the sole designer of this software for Apple's second-generation flatbed scanner.

AppleFax 2.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1989
Bill did the user interface design for this second generation of Apple's hardware/software combination that enabled faxes to be directly sent and received by computers.



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