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Telephone Control Panel
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2000

Many customer support agents spend all day on the phone with customers, making the on-screen telephone control panel a primary part of the agent console. In handling customers, agents often need to perform extended sequences of telephone operations such as:

  • Answer the phone,
  • Put the customer on hold,
  • Call and consult with another agent,
  • Add the customer, for a three-way conversation,
  • Hand the call off to the second agent,
  • Monitor the call for a few seconds before finally disconnecting.

These operations must be done quickly and without error. It is particularly important not to accidentally disconnect a customer who is on hold. To meet these needs Bill designed a web-based, two-line telephone control panel for the White Pajama callcenter system that:

  • Uses minimum screen space,
  • Is fast and intuitive to use,
  • Prevents common errrors,
  • Supports all necessary operations.

Some Screen Mockups

The complete design covers a wide variety of situations, but here are a few screen mockups that should give you the general idea.


When Both Phone Lines are Idle
When both phone lines are idle the only thing an agent can do is dial out, so all other options are disabled:


When a Call is Coming in
If the incoming call has caller ID, we can look up the number in the customer database and (potentially) display the customer's name:


When the Agent has Answered the Phone
The current state of the phone line is clearly shown by the yellow "talking" indicator, and all the logically-appropriate buttons are enabled:


When the Customer is on Hold
While the customer is on hold we disable the "Hang Up" button so that the agent can't accidentally disconnect the customer:



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