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QuickBuilder 2.x to 3.x
Documentum, Inc. -- 1994 to 1997

Documentum's flagship end-user application, WorkSpace, was built upon a cross-platform class library which could be compiled to run on Windows, Mac OS or Unix Motif. QuickBuilder was the application used, both by Documentum and by its many customers who extensively customized their copies of WorkSpace, to lay out windows and dialogs.

The class library included a geometry management system that could dynamically adjust window layouts to accommodate the differences between fonts and user interface objects on various platforms.

At the time Bill arrived on the scene there were a number of key problems the class library didn't handle, the geometry management system was buggy, it wasn't clear whether the bugs were in QuickBuilder or in the class library, and no one know how to use the geometry management system effectively.


  • Figured out which bugs where in QuickBuilder and which were in the class library.
  • Got all the bugs fixed.
  • Designed needed extensions to the class library which were then implemented by senior programming staff.
  • Wrote a detailed manual explaining how to use the geometry management system, including recipes for performing common (and tricky) operations, and an extensive section on tips, tricks and traps.
  • Made Documentum's customers happy.


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