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HyperCard 1.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1987

HyperCard was a groundbreaking hypermedia authoring environment that empowered non-programmers to create their own software applications.

In many ways designing HyperCard was a precursor to designing for the world-wide-web. Thus way back in 1987 Bill was working issues of information design, link management, navigation and sense of place -- issues that are core to current-day web design.

The design of HyperCard was a cooperative effort, blending the talents of an outstanding team of creative and talented professionals, therefore it's hard to point to any one thing and claim "this feature is 100% Bill Fernandez' design". Nonetheless his influence is pervasive. Here are some examples of his contributions:

  • Championed the need to allow multiple backgrounds per stack (rather than just one per stack).
  • Championed the need to allow for text fields to be placed on individual cards (rather than only on shared backgrounds).
  • Developed the concept of "object info" dialogs (they're called property sheets in current-day Microsoft products).
  • Invented the method for graphically laying out labels on the printed page.
  • Designed the menu structure.
  • Designed the text styles dialog.
  • Greatly simplified and clarified the "Print Report" dialog.
  • Contributed to the design of the HyperTalk scripting language.
  • Provided clear, simple terminology for use throughout the product.




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