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Point and Click Website Creator
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2001

White Pajama had made it easy for clients to set up callcenters that could be contacted by telephone, email and chat. Now it wanted its clients to be able to easily create customer support websites. So Bill designed a comprehensive website creation system that let callcenter adminstrators completely specify a website by click and type their way through a series of specification panels, after which the system would automatically generate the specified website. Of course:

  • Any portion of a website could be updated at any time,
  • The visual design could be changed through templates to match corporate style,
  • Knowledgebase, live chat and other interactive facilities were integrated into the system,
  • Different areas of sites could be made accessible only to certain classes of customers,
  • And lots more...

A Sample Scematic Layout

Here is a schematic layout of one part of the system. In the upper-left quadrant you construct and manage the site map of your website. In the upper-right quadrant you construct and manage the list of items on the currently selected web page. In the lower half you define or edit the specifics of the currently selected item.



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