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Simple Movie Editor
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1991

When QuickTime was developed it brought video to the masses, but there was no simple way for end-users to edit videos. Bill invented a simple, one-window user interface for lightweight, frame-accurate editing of video clips.

Here's how it works:

• In the main viewer (top section), scan to any frame of interest.

• When you drag from the viewer (top section) to the index-strip (bottom section), a thumbnail of the current frame will be inserted in chronological order.

• Each thumbnail becomes a visual index mark, you can click on any thumbnail to jump the viewer (top section) to that spot in the video.

• The ellipses show where there are "hidden" frames between index marks.

• Now pretend that the thumbnails and ellipses are characters in a line of text. Just like editing text, you can use the mouse to select any contiguous group of items and copy or cut, then click anywhere in the index strip and paste.

• Now you can edit video using the same techniques you currently use for text.



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