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QuickTime for Macintosh 1.0
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1991

Code-named "Warhol", QuickTime was a team effort in which Bill was one of several contributors. Here are some of the ways Bill participated: Bill helped define the standard movie controller. For example, he pointed out that the play and pause buttons could be combined into one button, insisted that there be a way to control sound volume, and suggested that the step forward and back buttons should step continuously when held down.

Bill helped develop QuickTime terminology standards. For example, he suggested that the term "compressor" would be more user friendly, and work just as well in practice, as the more technically accurate terms "compressor-expander" or "compander".

Bill helped develop the User Interface Guidelines for things such as: how to embed movies in documents, how to show the difference between pictures and movies, how movies should behave in different circumstances, how to cut and paste mixed groups of objects (such as movies embedded into text streams), how to help the user mend broken links to linked movies, and so forth.

Bill worked on designs for the standard compression-chooser dialog, QuickTime's image viewing and compression program, and experimental designs for simple, end-user recording and editing windows.




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