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Callcenter Agent Console
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2000 to 2002

The agent console is the support agent's command center. It provides the tools needed to communicate with customers, to manage case histories, to look up answers, and so forth.

Bill designed the web-based agent console to be flexible, modular, expandable, fast, reliable, easy to learn and easy to use. He defined its overal structure, the interaction betwen various modules, and the modules themselves -- many of which are described elsewhere in this portfolio.

Agent Console Sections

This is a schematicof how the console is organized. Illustrations and descriptions of the modules that go in each section are detailed elsewhere in this portfolio.


Agent Status Control

The status control panel is where customer transactions are opened and closed and the agen'ts working state is controlled.

Interaction Control Panel

The interaction control panel is where controls are found for telephone interaction, live chat, email handling, etc.

Facility Selector

This is where support tools are selected, including the Web Co-Browsing module, the callcenter Knowledgebase, the Real Time Monitoring System that supervisors use to manage their agents and queues, and the Historical Reporting system that supervisors and managers use to review callcenter performance.



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