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Personal File Sharing,
MacOS System 7

Apple Computer, Inc -- 1990

The Networking team that was developing Personal File Sharing for Mac OS System 7 had asked the Operating System group for user interface assistance a number of times, but had gotten only sporadic visits from different User Interface Designers and no substantive help. Thus they were rather perturbed when, only weeks before Beta release, they were informed that Bill Fernandez had been assigned to work over their user interface. Nevertheless, through diplomacy and hard work Bill was able to quickly develop good working relationships, gain the cooperation of the Networking team, and get a clean, smooth user interface developed in time for Beta. Credit also goes to the long-suffering Networking team, who were dedicated enough to product quality to give Bill the benefit of the doubt at this late stage.

Access Control Windows

Much of Bill's work went into "logical" issues which affected the behavior of the system and had no visible component. But he was also the primary designer of the access control windows, and much of his original design has survived at least through Mac OS 8.5 (introduced 8 years later). In particular Bill was able to get the access controls for both file sharing and program linking combined into one set of windows so that users could control all remote access to their computers in the same, simple set of windows.

System Level Access Control
This window allows users to turn on or off all available forrms of remote access to a given computer. In MacOS 7 this consisted of only File Sharing and Program Linking, but Bill envisioned this as a robust UI model to which other forms of remote access could be added in the future. Indeed MacOS X (as of 2004) continues to group the "master switches" for all remote access facilities into one "Sharing" control panel that has been extended to include Remote Login, Windows File Sharing, Printer Sharing, Personal Web Sharing and FTP Access.


User Level Access Control
This window allows a computer owner to specifiy the privleges granted to an authorized, remote user of the computer.


Directory Level Access Control
This window allows a computer owner to specify which remote users can perform what operations upon a given directory.



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