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Ron Rothbart
Manager, Technical Publications
Documentum, Inc.

January 28, 1999

To whom it may concern,

I worked with Bill Fernandez from 1995 to 1998 at Documentum, the leading document management software firm. Documentum produces a client/server Enterprise Document Management System that sells to global Fortune 1000 firms. We operate in a highly competitive environment; the company that offers greater ease of use has a competitive edge. Bill gave us that edge.

Bill was hired to improve the usability of our products. He worked on a range of projects at Documentum: quick fixes, makeovers, redesigns, new designs from scratch, visionary demos and prototypes, architectural development, white papers, usability testing, design reviews, UI counseling, and UI education. And he worked on all of our client platforms: Windows, Macintosh, UNIX Motif, and standard Web browsers. In addition to his design work, Bill was champion of usability throughout R&D. He gave presentations to the entire engineering department, explaining the tradeoffs involved in decisions about the UI.

During his tenure at Documentum, Bill built and managed the Usability and Design department. Over that time, our client interfaces advanced from "industrial strength" to "world class," largely due to Bill's creative ideas, commitment, and just plain hard work. Bill was indefatigable in his pursuit of continuous improvement. He is truly a man with a mission, committed to providing users software that really empowers them in their work.

Bill and I worked together on a number of cross-functional teams and projects. We shared a commitment to taking the users' point of view, and providing software and documentation that meets their needs. I particularly appreciated Bill's interest in online help.

At Documentum, Bill proved himself to be a very creative "idea man", designing many innovative solutions for our customers' business problems. He was also known for being well organized, thorough, and detail-oriented. I also found Bill to be a team player, cooperative, helpful, and flexible, as well as a person with a high degree of integrity.

In sum, you can be confident that Bill can understand your technology, meet your needs, produce professional results, work effectively with your staff, and create innovative designs. I recommend him highly.



Ron Rothbart, Ph.D.
Manager, Technical Publications
Documentum, Inc.



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