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Mitchell Jerome
Senior Software Engineer
Documentum, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Documentum. I had the pleasure of working with Bill Fernandez for about three years at Documentum. I was, and continue to be, part of a team responsible for developing Desktop Client software for Documentum's Enterprise Document Management System.

Bill Reported directly into the Vice President of Engineering, making sure that, with the resources we had, we did the best we could when it came to making our end user's life easier. Among other duties, Bill was responsible for the User Interface design of the Desktop Client products, as well as looking at the big picture in terms of overall usability of the software. Bill's duties ran the gamut from walk-in advice to UI designs from scratch; from paper walkthroughs to full-blown demos and presentations. Most memorable are how Bill's designs often ended up plastering the cubicle walls around his and his coworkers' offices, or splayed out across the carpet -- people could always walk by and see what Bill was coming up with. Also memorable are the UI talks Bill gave at our company meetings, which gave a wide audience the ability to see what was involved in coming up with a truly top-notch design.

Bill's insight into how users interact with computers, their psychological reactions to various terms, graphics, layout and other visual stimuli, enlightened me to a wonderful world of User Interface design. Bill's insistence on building "World Class" products always kept usability as one of the key design issues for Documentum products.

Bill's outstanding industry experience was brought to bear on problems presented at Documentum. His unmatched experience as one of the original Apple employees, his close involvement in groundbreaking User Interface work at Apple in their system software, and his involvement in technology groups such as BayCHI (ACM's San Francisco Bay Area special interest group on Computer Human Interaction) gave Bill a wonderful breadth of knowledge. He was able to leverage what he learned in the past with what the latest research and proposals were in the industry.

Bill's ability to give quick advice to walk-in queries was invaluable. I shared Bill's desire to raise the level of usability in our products, and used his valuable feedback to significantly help improve the usability of our products in one of our major releases. Together, we were able to improve the product in both obvious and subtle ways.

Bill was also willing to slog through tedious jobs, such as re-laying out all the dialogs. Given that this task in particular required using a very difficult UI design tool, Bill's ability to produce wonderfully accurate and flexible layouts was amazing. Bill ended up writing an entire document that detailed how to overcome and master the intricacies of this tool to produce the desired results. Only through Bill's unmatched desire to produce near perfection in his designs did this job get the treatment it deserved.

In summary, I would consider any firm looking for a top tier User Interface Architect to be very lucky to be able to take advantage of Bill's services.



Mitchell I. Jerome



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