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Jim Dvorkin
Chief Technology Officer
White Pajama

January 7, 2002

To Whom it May Concern:

Bill Fernandez is a world-class user interface designer and software architect. He has an unique ability to deeply understand and analyze business requirements, and provide innovative definitions of the problems and their solutions. He thinks about a problem from the end-user perspective and can approach it from many different angles. In working with us, Bill's goal has been to create a UI that is simple yet capable -- and our employees and customers are our best testament that he succeeded.

We have been fortunate to have Bill working for us over this last year, helping develop the user interface for the White Pajama CRM contact center. Our product is quite complex, and we had an aggressive plan to rapidly extend its capabilities after the initial release. We knew the user interface and navigation would be critically important, and needed it to be simple and easy to use despite the complexity of the overall system.

Bill sought first to fully understand our challenges, and after doing that he provided us with a set of brilliantly designed solutions and excellent new ideas that allow for future product expansion. His innovative thinking has been an inspiration for the entire technical team.

One of Bill's strengths is his ability to combine expertise in both artistic design and software architecture. As a designer, Bill has a deep understanding of how users behave and what information they need. As an architect his concepts and ideas are well conceived from an engineering perspective, which has proved to be helpful with the implementation process. The specifications he provides are often complete enough that we can give them to the technical team as-is for implementation. He has provided us with a robust UI architecture that remains easily extendable for additional capabilities.

Bill is a real pleasure to work with. He listens well and is responsive to all requests. He likes creating elegant designs. He is especially talented when it comes to solving problems with simple -- yet brilliantly effective -- solutions.

The net result for White Pajama is that we have been able to continually add new functionality, while keeping the UI simple and easy to use. The UI is the key aspect of our product for which we continually receive accolades -- both from our customers and from the industry. In fact, in the nine months since its release, our product has won over seven major awards, each time being rated at the top of the scale for usability.

We hired Bill based on his experience and reputation, and had high hopes for what he could help us achieve. The results far surpassed our highest expectations. We hope that the relationship will continue for many years to come.


Jim Dvorkin, Chief Technology Officer
White Pajama



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