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Sylvia Perez
Tools Development Manager
Ingres Corp.*

June 22, 1994

To whom it may concern:

Bill Fernandez joined Ingres* as Chief Architect and User-Interface Specialist in November 1993.

As User-Interface Specialist, Bill has been instrumental in transforming the user interfaces of our Windows4GL and Architect application-development systems. I am very impressed with his commitment to quality, and to the projects. Bill joined us late in our development cycle, yet was able to foster significant changes; bringing our products into compliance with Windows guidelines, making them visually attractive, and greatly improving their usability. He worked many late nights to make the necessary changes within our aggressive deadlines.

As Chief Architect, Bill has been responsible for the creation and leadership of our Architecture Committee, setting up its framework of operation and being the primary author of its charter. The committee consists of key members of our development team, and has the challenging charter of visualizing and planning the future of our product line.

At Ingres, we have been able to take advantage of Bill's unique mix of technical and people skills. He is very much a team player, dedicated to 'going the distance' to create quality products.

I have enjoyed working with Bill, and highly recommend him for any position where his knowledge and skills are needed.



Sylvia Perez
Manager, Tools Development


* Ingres Corp. is a subsidiary of The ASK Group.



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