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Michael Allison
Senior Staff Engineer
Documentum, Inc.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am pleased to recommend Bill Fernandez for your consideration. I have known Bill since 1994 when he joined us at Documentum, in the capacity of User Interface Architect. I have worked with Bill on several projects here at Documentum and have come to respect his judgment and technical skills. Bill significantly contributed to our flagship client applications, WorkSpace/SmartSpace for the desktop and for the Web. His fine work is an asset to the product and will remain with us for a long time.

Bill has many years and breadth of experience that will serve him, and any project he participates in very well. Bill's strongest skill is analyzing problems to determine the scope and features of a solution. With a well thought out analysis, Bill then is able to develop flexible and architecturally sound designs to diverse and varied areas. Bill also has well-honed User Interface, Human Factors skills, as well as software and programming skills. His capabilities in these areas lead to solutions with a polished professional look, and the resulting interfaces are smooth and easy to use.

In all instances, I have found Bill extremely professional in his approach to his job assignments. He possesses exceptional design and coding skills, both of which lead to high quality systems. Bill is also very capable with his project management skills and is able to "see the big picture" when working on projects.

I sincerely recommend Mr. Fernandez.



Michael J. Allison



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