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Kenneth Largman
World Security Council

September 24, 1990

Bob Glass
Apple Computer, Inc.
20525 Mariani Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014

Dear Bob, *

Thank you very much for loaning Bill Fernandez to us and for agreeing to continue the project with an intern at Apple. I would like to give you a report on Bill's progress, which I feel was remarkable.

Bill has demonstrated really astonishing abilities. He has attained an exceptional and thorough understanding of our process, identified key problems with our initial interface, discovered subtle but crucial areas that needed to be modified for the computer, and has developed excellent solutions to several extremely difficult problems. Bill has the amazing ability to keep the structure of the program in his head and to readily discuss any aspect of it; he can usually think of several alternatives to any problem and balance the pros and cons against the way each solution would affect the quality of the user experience. He repeatedly demonstrates the ability to discover and solve problems much faster and better than anyone else.

To summarize, Bill has:
• Gained a thorough understanding of our treaty development process,
• Mapped out the logic of our process and adapted it to computerization,
• Developed a human-interface strategy,
• Described in general terms the major software architecture elements that this strategy relies upon,
• Developed solutions to several of the key interface problems, and
• Started work on defining the actual appearance of the interface.

Bill has solved (conceptually) most of the worst structural interface problems. He has also developed a way for each of the politicians to work in their own language without creating custom versions for each language.

Despite excellent progress, there are several things that remain to be done before the "blueprint" is adequately detailed for our volunteers to implement:
• Completion of the interface design,
• Translation of the conceptual design into the actual appearance of the screens, windows and menus,
• Make a simple prototype that demonstrates how the windows, etc. are actually intended to interact, and
• Define more clearly the underlying software architecture.

In conclusion, Bill has demonstrated extremely unique abilities and has been able to accomplish what no other programmer or interface designer was able to do. Thank you for agreeing to allow him to manage the work of the intern. His contribution has been invaluable, and we look forward to utilizing his knowledge and expertise during the coming months.

We are having a meeting with Xxxxxx and some of her crew on September 28th at 2:00 to discuss Bill's prototype and the screen design. If you would like to attend this meeting please let Xxxxxx know. Xxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx at GFX are trying to find an intern to work on the project.

Again thank you for all your help in making this possible.

Best wishes,

Kenneth Largman


* Dr. Robert Glass, Bill's manager at Apple Computer at the time



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