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Strategic Consulting

This is a new service offering. It is based on the observation that, regardless of how they were originally conceived, most of Bill's engagements end up including a component of strategic consulting, typically revolving around questions like:

• Does your mission statement accurately express the nature and purpose of your enterprise?

• Will the goals you've adopted lead to a fulfillment of your mission?

• Do the plans you've made truly lead to the attainment of your goals?

• Do you have the resources, methodologies and organizational culture needed to execute your plans?

• Are there unspoken assumptions or objectives that might undermine your success?

• Are there trends in the marketplace that will impact the relevance of your efforts?

Bill has a talent for looking into the future, for judging the consequences of actions, for visualizing where choices lead, for fitting together the pieces of logistical puzzles. Coupled with his long years of experience in developing hardware and software products, he can often help clients see the big picture more clearly, perform a high-level reality check, and develop strategies that are efficient, articulate and effective.



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