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Concept Development

Sometimes you need:

  • A bold new feature or product concept.
  • Someone who can create a picture of what you have in mind.
  • A new perspective, or a fresh pair of eyes.
  • A creative look into the future.
  • A map of the terrain ahead.
  • A way to unstick your view of your product line.
  • A shot of energy injected into your creative process.
  • A Concept Development Service!

Bill has a proven track record of thinking outside the box, of looking at situations from new and different perspectives, of creatively developing new ideas, of visualizing credible future outcomes, and ultimately of formulating pragmatic, implementable proposals.

Some Examples May Help

Problem: You have to sell your investors (or Board of Directors) on a new product concept, but you know they won't grasp it unless they can see it.
Solution: Screen mockups, conceptual diagrams, a "slideshow" prototype.

Problem: You plan to develop a new family of products (or overhaul an existing one). You need to define the look and feel in a way that can be replicated by your development staff.
Solution: Iterative design leading to: custom user interface standards and guidelines, how-to recipes, examples that can be copied, training as needed.

Problem: Your company has just committed to the development of a new product. The annual meeting of your international sales force is coming up and you need to get them excited about what they'll be selling next year.
Solution: Screen mockups, a "slideshow" prototype.

Problem: You are faced with the prospect of porting your product to the Web (or Windows, or Mac OS). You need a preview of the transformation: what might it look like, what are the sticky issues, what are the opportunities for improvement, what will be the impact on your developers, testers, users?
Solution: Trial designs, Issues and Opportunities Audit.

Problem: You want to add a major new capability to your product and you have a general idea of what's involved, but you don't have an in-depth understanding of the features, functions, and consideration needed to do it right.
Solution: Subject Overview or White Paper, Comprehensive Capabilities Report.

Problem: You feel like your products are stuck in a rut. You need a new perspective to break free.
Solution: Design mockups, "what if..." sessions with your staff.

From the Unknown, Into the Known

Bill has solved these and many other sticky problems for others -- certainly he can do so for you!



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