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User Interface and Information Design

When users are faced with your product can they tell what it does? Can they figure out how to use it? Do they retain what they've learned? Does it draw them into a productive workflow from which they emerge satisfied and refreshed? Do the subtleties, the shortcuts and special features reveal themselves as they become more experienced?


Fine user interface design goes far deeper than creating attractive screens or conforming to generic guidelines. It requires a sensitivity to the capabilities, needs and expectations of the intended users, and a keen understanding of the limitations and opportunities afforded by the chosen implementation technology. It requires the skillful synthesis of structure, layout, terminology, responsiveness and interaction into a coherent whole where everything just happens to be where the user expects it, just when the user needs it.


The result of a good design is a tool that extends the capabilities of its users, meets their needs, satisfies their expectations, makes them productive and empowers them to attain their goals.


But real life often leaves us struggling to achieve even a sizable fraction of this ideal. Tight schedules, limited resources, technology constrains, organizational difficulties, and process problems can all conspire to undermine even the noblest aspirations.

Fortunately, Bill Fernandez is experienced at working effectively with compromise: He can take into account both the constraints and opportunities afforded by your goals, schedule, budget, resources, technology and development process. He can design a best-fit solution that yields maximum benefits. He can create whatever specifications and prototypes are needed to guide your engineers. He can make effective presentations to your development staff, investors or board of directors. He can work with and mentor your staff throughout the development cycle.


Bill architects your product from the outside in, working closely with your technical architects (who typically design from the inside out), to insure that the "plumbing" is in place to support the desired functionality and user experience.


So if you have...

  • a critical problem that needs a quick solution,
  • a window of opportunity to introduce an important new feature,
  • a portion of your product about which customers consistently complain,
  • a new design that just isn't coming together,
  • a "stale" product in need of regeneration,
  • a new project that needs the best possible user experience architected in from the start,

Bill has done it before, and he can do it for you.



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