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Bill Fernandez' Hobbies

Hi, this is Bill Fernandez. Like many people these days I rely heavily on (and am deeply appreciative of) the hard-won information shared so freely by the citizens of cyberspace. I'd like to contribute my share to the common knowledge pool, so have added this section to my website where I can share opinions, reviews, anecdotes and arcane facts gleaned from the pursuit of my various interests and hobbies. Hopefully this will prove useful to those engaged in similar endeavors.

Normally I would publish this kind of information on a "personal" website, but I hope that potential clients with products in these areas would rather see that I have some understanding of their business and technology, so I have decided to create this special section on my "professional" website. Note that the material in this section will generally be rough and informal in format and tone.

The material in this section is copyright by me. You may use this material for personal or business use, but you must attribute it to me, retain my copyright notice, and may not re-distribute or re-publish it. Thank you.

Home Automation

Evaluation of Leviton model HCM06-1TW, 2-way 600W dimmer , 11-Apr-02
Leviton_2way_eval.txt (ASCII text file)

Evaluation of some Lightolier Compose dimmers and switches, 28-Apr-02
Compose_2way_eval.txt (ASCII text file)

Measurements of radiation patterns and strengths of various X10 RF transmitters, 5-Feb-04
X10_xmit_strength.txt (ASCII text file)

Video and TV

(content to follow)


(content to follow)


(content to follow)

Digital Imaging

(content to follow)

Product Reviews

Comments about the Uniden ELBT585 Cordless phone with Bluetooth, 10-Oct-05
Uniden_ELBT585_Comments.txt (ASCII text file)

Apple Computer History

A presentation of ten core principles that drove the development of Apple products during the (approx) twelve years I worked there. These core principles are still very relevant to Apple and, indeed, to any company that wants to produce great products.
10_Lessons_Learned_at_Apple_v5.pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)

User Experience

A presentation about how to produce user experience (UX) excellence in software products. Topics include: The goal of user experience work, the six organizational pillars, and a UX-savvy development process.
Producing_UX_Excellence_v11.pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF file)




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