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Legal Notices
We reserve the right to change these notices, terms and policies at any time, without prior notice.

Terms of Use

The purpose of this website is promote Bill Fernandez Design -- the consulting business of Bill Fernandez. Except where otherwise explicitly specified you may only use this website and the materials it contains to evaluate the services of Bill Fernandez Design. Except where otherwise explicitly specified you may not reuse, redistribute or use commercially any materials found on this website without prior, written permission of Bill Fernandez.


All materials on this website are copyright © Bill Fernandez, his clients or his former employers and may only be used as specified in Terms of Use, above.

This website as a compilation is copyright © Bill Fernandez, 1998-2005.

Trade and Service Marks

The whirling-triangle logo, the name "Bill Fernandez Design" and the "Bill Fernandez Design" wordmark are service marks of Bill Fernandez, dba Bill Fernandez Design.

Portions of this website contain or refer to trade and service marks of other companies. These marks are used herein to make reference to those companies, their products and endeavors. We acknowledge these marks as the business assets of their respective owners and make no claim of ownership or other rights with respect thereto.


We have honestly striven to be fair, accurate and honest in all the materials contained within this website. However we make no claim to perfection and acknowledge that this website may contain errors or omissions. If you find a verifiable error in this website please inform us so that we may rectify it.

Privacy Policy

We keep and analyze logs of access to this website as part of our maintenance and continuous improvement process. The information in these logs is essentially the same as collected by all web servers, and is inherent in the use of web technology. We do not use cookies.

Unless you contact us and explicitly provide personal information about yourself we do not collect any personal information about you. We make a conscientious effort to use any information you choose to share with us only for the purpose(s) implied by or consistent with your contacting of us. We do not provide personal information about you to marketers or advertisers.


This website was designed, constructed, and is maintained by Bill Fernandez.




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