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With over thirty years' experience in the computer and electronics industries, Bill Fernandez has contributed to the development of revolutionary hardware and software products that have touched the lives of millions of people around the world:

  • From the groundbreaking handheld scientific calculators at Hewlett Packard,
  • to the Apple 1 and Apple 2 computers; which arguably kicked off the personal computer revolution,
  • to the Macintosh computer and operating system; which set the standard for computer usability,
  • to QuickTime; which brought digital sound and video to the masses,
  • to HyperCard; which empowered users to create their own software,
  • to Documentum; which enabled enterprises to manage millions of documents,
  • and more.

Bill has been there and done that. He has developed both hardware and software. He has shipped products into consumer, commercial and proprietary markets. He knows what it takes to develop, manufacture, distributue and support technology products. And he works effectively with project teams, managers and executives.

Bill offers the following services as a Consulting User Interface Architect:

Strategic Consulting
Clarify, integrate and validate your mission, goals and plans. Develop a clear and sensible roadmap to success.

Concept Development
Develop innovative concepts for new products and features, give shape and form to latent ideas, explore alternative approaches, visualize the future.

Expert Review
Expert user interface evaluations of proposed and existing software and hardware products.

User Interface and Information Design
From tactical fixes to comprehensive architectures. From command line interfaces, to web applications, to traditional GUI-based software.




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