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Professional Resume of Bill Fernandez

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  • User Interface Architect with proven track record of Innovative contributions to a broad range of world-class software products; including multimedia, hypermedia, graphics, database, rapid application development, document management and system software.
  • Highly creative. Produces novel and out-of-box solutions.
  • Strong vision, with ability to translate vision into practical strategies and goals.
  • Achieves results within technical and schedule constraints.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills. Able to integrate ideas from many sources to produce superior solutions.
  • Effective as manager, team player, and individual contributor.
  • Has shipped products on the World Wide Web, Macintosh, Windows, UNIX/Motif, and character-based displays.
  • Broad spectrum of professional skills, including: user interface architecture, behavior and interaction, logic, functionality, screen elements (widgets), window layout, prototyping, naming and terminology, user-centered design, needs and task analysis, usability testing, and hardware/software integration.
  • Additional experience in hardware development (six years), project management, group management, some programming, facilities design, multimedia production, photography, public speaking, technical writing, and Japanese language.

Employment Summary

User Interface Architect
Bill Fernandez Design, 1999 - present

Professional user interface design, evaluation and conceptualization services for the Web, Windows and Mac OS.

User Interface Architect
Documentum, Inc., 1994 - 1998

Built and managed User Interface Design Team. SmartSpace and ViewSpace for the Web. WorkSpace and ViewSpace for Windows, Mac OS and Unix/Motif. ODMA integration for Microsoft Office. Image Viewer. QuickBuilder for Windows (RAD UI builder). Document management integration with Lotus Notes. UI geometry management. Access Control List (ACL) security. Virtual Document architecture.

Chief Architect, User Interface
Ingres Corp. (div. of ASK Group), 1993 - 1994

Chairman of Tools Architecture Committee. Windows4GL for Windows NT and UNIX/Motif, Architect for Windows NT and UNIX/Motif.

User Interface Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc., 1986 - 1993

Macintosh System 7, HyperCard 2.0, QuickTime for Macintosh, QuickTime for Windows, AppleScript, User Centered Design Task Force, User Perception of Speed analysis, User interface customization, Digital video recording and editing, AppleFax 2.0, AppleScan 2.0, Ofoto 1.0.

Electronic Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc., 1984 - 1986

HyperCard 1.0, Apple Desktop Bus Device Simulator, AppleScan 1.0, AppleTalk PC Card, FCC regulations analyses.

Member of Technical Staff
Apple Computer, Inc., 1981 - 1983

Member of original Macintosh development team. Macintosh Desktop Interface, MacPaint, MacWrite, MacProject, External disk drive, External Video Kit.

(With previous employment as an electronic engineer and engineering technician.)



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