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Bill Fernandez has been involved with computers since the beginning of the personal computer revolution. He introduced the founders of Apple Computer to each other, and was their first employee when Apple incorporated in 1977. He worked on the Apple-1 and Apple-2 computers, then later was a member of the original Macintosh development team. After devoting several years to hardware engineering Bill spent a year programming, then in 1988 transitioned to full-time user interface design, contributing to such groundbreaking products as QuickTime, Mac OS and HyperCard (for which he was awarded a patent). He also worked on the user interface for Apple's first Windows product, QuickTime for Windows.

After a long career at Apple, Bill joined Ingres Corp. in 1993, where he Was Chief Architect, User Interface for the Development Tools Business Unit. There he was the founding Chairman of the Tools Architecture Committee, and also designed user interfaces for the Open R.O.A.D. product line: "A cross-platform, object-oriented, client-server, fourth-generation-language (4GL), rapid application development (RAD), integrated development environment (IDE) for creating relational-database-aware applications running on Windows NT and Unix."

Then, when Ingres was purchased by Computer Associates in 1995, Bill left to become the User Interface Architect at Documentum, Inc. which has since grown to become the world's leading provider of enterprise document and knowledge management software. At Documentum, Bill created and managed a highly respected user interface design team, contributed to the vision and architecture of Documentum products, and designed a wide range of user interfaces for cross-platform, object-oriented, client-server, document-management and workflow applications running on the web, Windows, Mac OS and Unix.

In 1998 Bill founded his namesake design firm, and ever since then has been assisting a wide variety of clients with their product design needs.



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