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Expert Review

Treating your product to an expert review may well be the fastest and most cost-effective step you can take to improve its usability. An expert review can identify most of the problems you'd discover through usability testing (and some you wouldn't), but without all time and expense.

An expert review can tell you not only what is a problem, but also why it is a problem. (Is it the terminology, layout, performance, structure...?)

An expert review can be performed while the design is still on paper or in the midst of implementation. It can be performed even if you don't have formal specifications or functioning prototypes to work from.

An expert reviewer can flag implicit issues; critical factors that are not explicitly treated in the design (for example, the design of a web-based clothing catalog may be highly usable, but the site can fail if the color images are not rendered accurately on your users' screens).

An expert reviewer can, like the editor of a publication, spot the little glitches that detract from the professionalism of your product without actually breaking it. For example: Errors in spelling and grammar, problems with margins and layout, nonstandard colors, inconsistent shading, incorrect behavior models of custom buttons, poor grouping of controls, etc.

The Doctor is in

Bill Fernandez has performed numerous expert reviews, on user interfaces ranging from single windows (e.g. Search dialogs) to entire product families. He can look at things as users do, taking into account their working conditions, anticipating many of their expectations and misunderstandings, and trying out the wacky things they are likely to do with your products. He has a keen eye for trouble spots, important special cases and boundary conditions. He pays attention to detail but doesn't lose sight of the big picture.

Maximize the Benefits

Bill can perform a comprehensive evaluation, present his findings to staff and management, help you understand and prioritize issues, and mentor your staff through the process of dealing with the issues you've chosen to address. You can take the results as far as you want to go.

Experience Counts

Bill has been designing shipping products professionally for a long time. He has seen what has worked and what hasn't. He knows what to look for, how to assess the importance of what he finds, and how to focus on the important things.

Just imagine what he could do for you.



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