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Stewart Wilson
Chief Architect, Development Tools
Ingres Corp.*

Letter of Recommendation for Bill Fernandez

To whom it may concern:

Bill Fernandez' user interface design and consulting skills are first rate. For new designs, he is very good at coming up with simple but effective designs that communicate very clearly to the user the functionality and intent of the operation at hand. For improving existing user interfaces, Bill is particularly skilled at coming up with pragmatic, cost-effective solutions that are obvious improvements, both at-a-glance and after intensive usage. Bill has a very good underlying understanding of the art of human interfaces to computer systems, and he is very skilled at digging in and fully understanding the operation of the system being designed/improved to ensure that his designs fully embrace the necessary operations.

Bill is especially good at working in a development team situation. He is very professional and polished, and his extensive knowledge coupled with demonstrably good designs means that he quickly establishes credibility with a development team. Bill listens very carefully and intently, and is very willing to incorporate others' ideas into his designs. Bill is also quite skilled at dealing successfully with strong personalities and egos that are often found on development teams. Bill is a very hard worker and is willing to put in whatever it takes to get the job done, and he is held in respect by anyone who works with him.

In summary, Bill Fernandez is an exceptional person who is highly skilled at his job. I recommend him highly.



Stewart Wilson
Chief Architect, Ingres Development Tools


* Ingres Corp. is a subsidiary of The ASK Group.



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