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Callcenter Performance Monitoring System
White Pajama, Inc. -- 2001

The responsibility of a callcenter supervisor is to insure the queues and agents he/she is responsible for are meeting their targets for performance and service level. Since the White Pajama system allows agents and supervisors to work from any location (e.g. home or multiple callcenters) Bill designed a comprehensive monitoring system that gives a supervisor complete information about and control over his/her agents and queues.

With this system a supervisor can switch between views showing the callcenter overall, or the supervisor's queues, or the supervisor's agents. In any view the supervisor can scan a rolling twelve hour chart to look for trends, patterns or anomalies, and can drill down to see detailed statistics for any 30 minute time period. A supervisor can also monitor the currernt performance of any queue or agent, and can dynamically reassign agents to the queues that need them most.


Callcenter Monitoring
This tab shows key performance graphs of callcenter loading and performing over a rolling twelve-hour period. This is long enough that a supervisor coming on-shift can quickly see what to expect, and for a supervisor going off-shift to see how he/she has performed during the shift just ending. The supervisor can also drill down to see detailed statistics for any thirty minute time slice.


Queue Monitoring
This tab shows key performance indicators for each of a supervisor's queues, and let's him/her drill down to see detialed information about each agent in a particular queue, and to reassign agents between queues to do dynamic load balancing.


Agent Monitoring
This tab shows the current status and key performance indicators for each of a supervisor's agents. The supervisor can also display a chart of the agent's performance over the course of the shift, and can monitor the current transaction the agent is handling (if any).



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