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Window Scroller Patent
Apple Computer, Inc. -- 1993

Bill currently has one patent, which is for a window scroller he co-invented with Adam Paal as part of the HyperCard 2.0 project at Apple Computer. Bill developed the concept and sketched out the essential features and behaviors of the scroller. Adam worked out the technical implementation and added a number of nice features.


Method and apparatus for controlling computer displays by using a two dimensional scroll palette United States Patent # 5,263,134

Granted: November-1993

Inventors: Adam F. Paal, William J. Fernandez

Assignee: Apple Computer, Inc.


"A computer program provides for the display of window regions on a display screen whereby the content and size of one window region is controllable in two dimensions using means provided in another window region. A cursor device and a signal generation means is used to select the two-dimensional scrolling or resizing of a window region. Controls are also provided to move and terminate window regions. Upon termination, the configuration of window regions is saved on a data storage means for use when the window regions are re-displayed. Cursor movement can be restricted to the horizontal or vertical directions only. 48 Claims, 12 Drawing Figures."



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