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Venture Capital Movie
Athena Design, Inc. -- 1999

Athena Design, a small startup company, had done a brilliant job creating a networked, multi-user spreadsheet and analytical engine. But when they went in search of venture captital funding they needed a way to clearly and concisely explain why their technology was so cool.

So they asked Bill Fernandez to create an animated QuickTime movie that would show and explain the principles of their technology. Bill worked with them to create a tight, crisp narrative sequence, helped them simplify their terminology and clarify their message, created all the 3D animation, narrated the movie, and did all the sound and video production.

Although the production value of the finished movie is not up to broadcast television standards, please note that it was done entirely by only one person under a tight budget and it did the job.


View a minature version of the movie (2.8MB)
(QuickTime is required to view this movie)

View a full-size version of the movie (7.2MB)
(QuickTime is required to view this movie)



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